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Friday, 16th October 2009

Errata from previous post:
Its only 7U not 8U

And the disk layout has changed:

1 - 146.8Gb (Logical Drive 0 - RAID 1)
2 - 146.8Gb (Logical Drive 0 - RAID 1)
3 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
4 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
5 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
6 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
7 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
8 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
9 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
10 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
11 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
12 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
13 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
14 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)

Thats 620Gb of �ber fast disk thanks to eBay and someone selling 7 36.4Gb drives for �24.99...

The DL360 is currently running iRedOS - a mail server distribution, which I am testing for internal usage for providing free POP3 accounts to customers who buy managed internet connections. Its fast and easy to administer - although I suspect I shall get one of my guys to write a small control panel for it.

I've have convinced my boss that the internal Sales Order/Helpdesk/Asset/CRM/Change Management system we are writing could possibly be open-sourced or even marketed in the wild (under a chargeable support structure).

In other news, I am currently investigating some new products for our customers - incl. reverse proxy solutions for some of their intensive web applications. Chances are I will plum for Varnish as its open-source, supported and frickin' quick.

Think I might be buying some servers off of eBay for work as well as our development boxes. We have loads of stuff we need to try out as we move forward and I don't want to tie up "proper" resources doing it. There are drawbacks - have ever tried buy 2nd user servers that actually come with rack mounting kits? Try it and then weep :o

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