100 Things About Me

1. I was born on 10th August 1971. That makes me 36 and a Leo.
2. I was born in Weston-super-Mare nr. Bristol and never lived anywhere else (apart from spending lots of time in California and France).
3. I love Cadburys Peppermint Cream.
4. I have no musical talent but I DJ and can play the drums very badly.
5. I have 2 children called Rhiannon and Chandler.
6. I have 1 sister and 2 parents (but my parents suck!).
7. And a nephew called Joseph. He is 13.
8. I've worked in Dublin, Istanbul, Pleasanton/Alameda (California), Sophia Antipolis (S.France) and Amsterdam, as well as all over England.
9. I've been on holiday to France, Florida, Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Cyprus, Ibiza, Skiathos to name a few.
10. I currently have 4 tattoos. Two Chinese Zodiac symbols for the years my children were born, and a celtic knot (meaning "eternal worlds") at the base of my neck and "Heaven/Hell" on my neck
11. I have owned 6 digital cameras in the past 5 years. The first 3 were utter crap.
12. I am the only person in my family with a website
13. I am the only person in my circle of work mates and family that has a regularly updated blog
14. I used to play 5-a-side football but am now only used in emergencies
15. I'm the goalkeeper.
16. I used to drink ridiculous amounts of Jack Daniels without passing out or throwing up.
17. I now drink ridiculous amounts of either Dark Rum or Vodka without passing out or throwing up.
18. I gave up Jack Daniels because it didnt get me drunk anymore and just made me go to sleep.
19. I blame my mate Andy Garside for the dark rum situation.
20. I blame Tim (my house mate) for the vodka situation.
21. I'm not fat, but I'm not toned. It's like having a beer gut but not drinking the beer.
22. I broke my right ankle in Feb 2000. Smashed it proper. Couldnt walk for months. Broke my fibia in 2 places, shredded the front of my tibia and broke the ball joint off. The surgeon drew me nice pictures.
23. I passed my driving test first time, therefore I r00l j00
24. I cycle as I don't use my car
25. I cant swim.
26. I once went to CenterParcs every year for 7 years.
27. I can dance - but want to learn to streetdance.
28. I used to be a breakdancer. I wasnt very good.
29. I'm allergic to wheat.
30. And all dairy products incl sheep and goats.
31. And that includes beef.
32. And lamb :(
33. I was tee-total for a year once, because I felt I had a problem.
34. I dont have a problem with drink.
35. I'm sometimes lonely even though I have lots of friends and am generally a busy person.
36. I would die for my kids, or donate my organs to them if they needed them.
37. I really, really dont get on with my parents.
38. I share a house with my ex-wifes younger brother and my ex-wifes sisters ex-boyfriend.
39. I wear boxer shorts not briefs. Pants SUCK!
40. I swear way too fucking much. People have mentioned it to me.
41. I belong to an obscure mailing list where we inhabit a fictitional island.
42. I'm really good at my job, but dont spend enough time working at it.
43. I'm currently in my 7th job since I started working.
44. I can just about play snooker. Pretty good at pool. Fantastic at 9-ball.
45. I cant kick a ball in a straight line.
46. I think Audrey Hepburn was the most beautiful woman ever.
47. I have done drugs in my past. Several types.
48. I'm not proud of that fact.
49. I still get tempted every now and again, but limit myself to the occasional "smoke"
50. I have just realised I am half way there
51. I have an eclectic CD collection and a kick ass MP3 collection
52. It surprises me and my friends.
53. I own several games machines (mostly retro) and have 3 Xboxs running as Media Centers
54. Up until 2006 - I still used a Commodore Amiga (A4000T heavily modified) on a daily basis.
55. I've been a best man once in my life to my mate Ian. On October 31st 2003.
56. I was horrendously nervous, which is unusual for me.
57. When I get drunk, I can always remember what I have drunk
58. I dont always remember getting home.
59. I used to always get home though but recently - not so much.
60. I once played in a band with some mates. We split up after a couple of weeks due to being crap. We couldnt even get Wild Thing right!
61. I've been married twice.
62. I don't plan on getting married again - but you never know
63. I'm currently single
64. I am an incredibly light sleeper. The curtains moving can wake me up.
65. I am always tired and have difficulty sleeping. Item 64 doesn't help!.
66. I used to have a thing about trainers. Now I have a thing about jeans.
67. I kick ass at Street Fighter II on the SNES
68. I know the guy that wrote BAAL on the Amiga.
69. Is a very rude number. Even looking at it is rude but its damn fun
70. I stole the entries 50, 69 and 100 from someone elses list
71. I love cheese but am highly allergic to it. This doesnt always stop me from eating it.
72. I laugh continually at the "Diarrhoea, diarrhoea" song
73. I have a nickname of "Tudds" or "Tudes"
74. I havent got properly angry since I was 13 but this is something I have now dealt with.
75. I used to be quite proud of that but now realise it was quite self defeating and caused more issues than it solved.
76. I have been tempted to killed myself
77. I am right handed.
78. Yet my left hand is stupidly stronger than my right.
79. I had a beard from May 1993 - April 2003
80. I have alternated between stubble/shaven/goatee since April 2003
81. I look damn fine in a suit
82. I used to like working but now I want to find my bliss. My bliss used to becoming a green grocer but now would be DJ related
83. I am a computer/network/security geek.
84. I'm not a nerd and I've taken the tests to prove it! So there.
85. I drive too fast
86. I enjoy having my eyebrows plucked. It turns me on.
87. I probably shouldnt have mentioned that.
88. I'm not ticklish apart from in special places.
89. The majority of my friends are either women or gay men
90. I was made redundant from a fabulous job in March 2002 becuase I spent too much time with my family. Oh yeah, and the company was going down the pan.
91. I once earned over �80000 in a year while I was contracting
92. I DJ in a gay bar
93. I get very emotional to quite a few songs. Sometimes its embarassing
94. I quite often forget to eat
95. I love horror films especially Japanese ones
96. I attended my first FrightFest in 2003 and will be attending them forever more
97. I was brought up as a Jehovahs Witness. Its screwed me up IMO
98. I have no religious beliefs anymore. I just dont care/know
99. I used to care who read this but now I dont.
100. This is maybe the fourth implementation of this page.