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Monday, 21st September 2009
New stuff

So I have opened a new blog.
Aural Fellation

Its music related (something I have been promising to do for some time). It will have my mixes on and also stuff that I like and want to share with you.

In other news - a small problem I had with my hosting environment has been sorted. Every now and again, if I was uploading/downloading from another machine in the network, the firewall and everything inside would disappear. I tracked this down to being a duplex mis match on the switch - the firewall was running at 100Full and the switch was doing 100Half. Once the errors rocketed up, it would reset the port causing a brief outage. All fixed now though.

Again in other news - I have another server in place (as well as 2 upgraded Raq3 boxen). A dual Xeon 2.8Ghz DL360 with an external SCSI array (MSA30) using a 6402 array controller. The MSA30 is maxed out presently with the following setup (drives scavenged from wherever I could get them):

1 - 146.8Gb (Logical Drive 0 - RAID 1)
2 - 146.8Gb (Logical Drive 0 - RAID 1)
3 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
4 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
5 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
6 - 72.8Gb (Logical Drive 1 - RAID 5)
7 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
8 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
9 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
10 - 36.4Gb (Logical Drive 2 - RAID 5)
11 - 18.2Gb (Logical Drive 3 - RAID 5)
12 - 18.2Gb (Logical Drive 3 - RAID 5)
13 - 18.2Gb (Logical Drive 3 - RAID 5)
14 - 18.2Gb (Logical Drive 3 - RAID 5)

I installed CentOS and set them up as a Logical Volume meaning I have 529Gb of Ultra320 10K disk space spread across multiple RAID drives - very fast and very safe :) As and when I get some more drives...

So my setup now consists of:
Cisco PIX 515E (upgraded to latest release, extra memory, extra ethernet, VPN+ PCI card)
Cisco Catalyst 3524XL switch
Raq3 (upgraded to 512Mb RAM, updated BOIS and running StrongBolt)
Compaq DL360 G3, 2x Xeon 2.8Ghz, 1Gb RAM, 2x 18Gb (RAID1)
External MSA30 (14 drives, 803Gb in 529Gb RAID arrays)

Thats 8U of space in total...

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