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Friday, 21st August 2009
Ho hum!

Once upon a time, there A, B, Y and Z.

Y and Z had a big falling out.

A says to B "I don't want to see Y any more cos they were nasty to Z"
B says to A "Well Y wasn't nasty to Z but OK, if thats what you want"
B thinks this is fair as Y has accused Z (and vice versa) of forcing B to do and say things and A isn't like that.

< a handful of weeks pass >

A says to B "I'd quite like to see Y now"
B says "OK. I'll find out when you can see them"
B texts Y and asks when A could see them. Y replies with "I don't know"

< a couple of weeks pass >

A says to B "When can I see Y?"
B says "I'll ask again and see what they say"
B texts Y and asks when A could see them. Y doesn't reply

< a few weeks pass >

A and B are somewhere having fun. Y arrives as well.
B and Y see each other and are happy to see other but the thing with Z is still going on.
A says to Y "why wont you see B?". Y replies "I love B and want to see B but cant until this thing with Z is sorted out"
A says "Is that what you want me to tell B?". Y says "Yes"
A tells B what Y has said and B shrugs and says "oh well"

Weeks and weeks pass and then A finds out that Y has been slagging A off in public.

A is mad, sad and confused as all A is doing is making sure B is happy, content and living a normal life.

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