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Monday, 13th July 2009

So I picked up the 2 RAQ3 boxen on Saturday on the way to see the Electric Boys and Thunder in concert at the HMV Apollo, Hammersmith.

Thunders last ever UK concert. I saw their first tour in the Colston Hall, Bristol, 13 times since and finally on Saturday night. Bye Thunder - you've given me huge amounts of enjoyment, many sore throats, damaged ears and I've loved every minute...

So Sunday afternoon saw me awake and moving around (failing to meet up with some friends in Bristol) and got around to upgrading the ROM image on one of the boxes. Worked perfectly. So I had a play and tried to work out how to upgrade the OS on it. Got hold of the Raq 550 install CD and tried that but the installer is incredibly picky about what ethernet cards it supports - so that failed. However, I have many machines in the office I could try!

Took the other box to work to try it out. ROM upgrade went fine but none of the machines there had a supported card either :( And nor did any of the modded versions of the ISO. Which left me scratching my head a bit until I got hold of a Strongbolt 1.06 ISO. Tried that, followed the procedure but got a Kernel panic.

Brought the CD home, booted it up on the laptop and whammo - it started installing. And failed. Restarted. Stalled. Restarted. Stalled. Restarted. YAY!

It took a while but I now have a RAQ3 with SB1 installed and it is currently installing all the YUM updates. Very nice it looks too.

Tomorrow will see me trying again on the other box - I reckon the problem may have been due to another machine on the network running DHCP or something which would have cocked it all up. Thats what I'm hoping anyway...

Once all the updates are done - I will check to see what capabilities I now have - USB and Samba support are the priorities. Updates to follow

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