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Monday, 16th March 2009

So on the 2nd of April, I am heading off to the US of A with my friends Maud, Sarah, Kate, Bren, Chris, Howie, Steve, Amanda, Alex and Alan amongst others.

The main reason - WrestleMania XXV in Houston!
The 2nd reason - Mauds birthday in Dallas!
The 3rd reason - who the hell needs any more reasons?

Anyway, being away from home has meant that I need to get a few things sorted out for "mobile computing". I cant take a whacking gert laptop (I have a 20" and a 15.4" - cos 1/ weighs too much, 2/ its a bit unwieldy and 3/ I quite fancy a little netbook and 4/ if I had a netbook, its something that the kids can use when they come round.

So after reading the review and looking at the specs - its come down to getting myself an Advent 4211-C.

Specs are:
Intel Atom N270 Processor (1.6GHz, 533 MHz, 512k Cache)
Genuine Windows(R) XP Home
1GB Memory (I have another 1Gb SODIMM I can fit in)
10.2"Widescreen Display & 1.12KG
Bluetooth connectivity & webcam
Wireless Enabled
Built in speakers
3 USB ports
3-in-1 Card Reader (so I can get photos off my cameras SD card)

With Firefox (and several addons installed), puTTY, Thunderbird and Live! Messenger - I should be sorted. I'll whack a Ubuntu Live distro on a USB stick, throw some tunes and videos onto an external 60Gb 2.5" drive and I should be good to go!

With hotel WiFi (plus Starbucks, McDonalds, etc, etc) I should be sorted out to chat with Jam whenever I want using whatever ever medium I want hehe

And with luck I'll be able to blog live from Friday Night Smackdown, Hall Of Fame, Wrestlemania XXV and Monday Night Raw. Or twitter it all at least :)

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