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Friday, 19th December 2008
Xmas shopping

What a bind eh?

Although I have just completed it. All of the kids presents are here and just one remaining for Jam which should be delivered on Monday. Wrapping is the next thing - something I will procrastinate over and then panic about...

One thing that has pissed me off is dealing with Comet. I placed an order with them just before midnight on Monday for 2 items. Got an email at 00:20 stating that the order had been placed with their admin team and they would get back to me within 48 hours.

Did they fuck! Yesterday I rang them (for the 3rd time) and was told that if they interrupted or updated the order, I would end up at the back of the queue. So I told them I was pissed off and could they please cancel the order. The girl said "I can process the order now if you want" - though why the hell the persons previously didn't do that I don't know - and 20mins later I had an order confirmation with delivery assigned for Monday - YAY!

In other news - I have a job. Working for a small managed services company in Clevedon. Working as their Operations Manager/Supervisor running their tech support teams. A small operation who need to get organised in a big company way and I have loads of experience in that. So loads of ITIL and ISO9001 stuff coming up. Money is good and will be reviewed every 3 months. So roll on the beginning of January - cos I will employed again.

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Sunday, 7th December 2008

So I have been applying for jobs each and every week and so far had no success at all.

Then, I got a printout from the computer thingy at the Job Centre and sent off my CV.

I had a response within 1/2hr and an interview the next evening. The interview lasted over an hour and I think that was successful. Had a phone call the next day asking me to come in again next week (Thursday) to meet with the other main director and the guy I would be replacing.

Fingers crossed...

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Tuesday, 2nd December 2008
A ha-ometer

Want to know how funny people think something you said really is online?

Refer to the handy dandy "Ha-ometer" - found GirlOnGauch

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Sunday, 23rd November 2008
The Complete DJ

So today I feel that I have completed my purchases of all my DJ gear. Got myself a flight case for the mixer, etc and also a case to mount the amp and light controller. I also bought some carry bags for the light and speaker stands and also unpacked and checked my new DJ booth. Just need some material to cover up the front (so the cables dont look a mess), sort out the power requirements and test it all together.

My first outing with all new kit will be on Saturday for a friends engagement party - whoop whoop! I will let you know how it goes.

In sadder news, my mate Paul who I have worked with/known for 14 years or so was diagnosed with an aggresive form of leukemia. He has started his chemotherapy and I will hopefully pop in and see him very soon. He is on the net already from his hospital bed - yay!

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Wednesday, 5th November 2008

So on Friday evening, we went to a Halloween fancy-dress house party in Bristol. I went as "Jason Voorhies at a fancy dress party" - meaning hockey mask and a banana costume - went down a storm (pictures on Faceplate). Jam went as a Zombie Japanese School-Girl :D

I took my lights and decks and Tim, Jam and I DJ'd the night away. Got to bed around 5.30am and went for breakfast at the Buttery around 10.30am.

Saturday night was spent in Nailsea as it was Johns 21st birthday bash. Much drinking and great fun.

Sunday evening was Alans surprise leaving do as he left for Skiathos to live today. He and his amazing barbecues will be sorely missed :(

Tim and Deej started moving out of the house on Saturday and once they are gone I will have a 5 bedroom house to myself. It looks like I'll have to move elsewhere as running a 5-bed house for myself is far too expensive.

I've picked up some DJ gigs running up until the end of the year - got an engagement party at the end of November, 2x Xmas parties in December and New Years Eve to do - yay!

In other news, we entered a competition a couple of weeks back in Asda/Walmart as part of the WWE Kids magazine promotion.


4 tickets to see WWE RAW on Saturday evening at Butlins, Minehead. Fucking awesome. Then on Sunday I off with friends to see WWE Smackdown/ECW in Cardiff. Should be a great weekend...

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Thursday, 16th October 2008
Here be Dragons...

Yes I am back. Had an awesome holiday although my tan is peeling off. Jam came back with the flu and still hasn't recovered yet, which is a bit of a bugger to say the least :(

I have also been upgrading my DJ gear and have purchased the following:

Class D C158-1 15" Speakers w/ stands
IMG Stageline STA-700 Amplifier w/ cables
4 Head (2x Red, 2x Green) Laser
Reflex LED (scanning moonflower)
4x PAR 56 (2x flood, 2x medium) Lights
24" UV/Blacklight
Chauvet F-650 Smoke Machine (for use where the hazer doesn't need to be used)

Just need to get a flight case to mount everything I need into it and then I am done. No more upgrades needed for several years - yay!

Also been busy planning sets to play for Halloween and also thinking about some bookings I've got coming up - incl an engagement party next month, New Years Eve and some house warming parties :o

*And* coming up with a Halloween costume for use at a party and at the pub the next night. Currently thinking of making a Deadmau5 head (search google to find out what I mean) or dressing up as Brian from Family Guy in a banana suit and maracas and singing the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song randomly through the night...

Chan has been in the wars recently, with a split chin and a bashed in knee - although the scar on his chin will look really cool when he is older :)

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Saturday, 27th September 2008

Last night I went to Syndicate Bristol with Jam and Andy C to see Eric Prydz... All I can say is "WOW!". He was awesome, although not as technically perfect as PvD who Jam and Andy saw last month (although PvD has been doing it a lot longer!). He did however work the crowd brilliantly - tempting us with mixes of songs that he never played - aargh! Had a great time and am now planning who to see next.

This evening we are off to Gran Canaria for a weeks holiday - I'm currently mostly packed apart from ironing some shirts hehe

If I get the chance, then I will update from there when I get the chance - otherwise check my Facebook for updates...

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Thursday, 11th September 2008

The company checked the one that they had in stock and the screen was buggered so I'm not getting that one now. Trying to find somewhere else to get it from now :(

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Friday, 5th September 2008
New Laptop

I've just ordered myself a new laptop - an Acer Aspire 9815WKHi. Specs are:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 - 2GHz (x2), 667MHz FSB, 4MB L2 Cache
  • RAM: 2048MB DDR2-667MHz
  • Hard Drive: 240GB Serial ATA (2x120)
  • Screen: 20.1" Widescreen TFT (1680x1050 - 16:10)with CrystalBrite Technology
  • Optical Drive: HD-DVD ROM Drive
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce Go7600SE
  • Wireless LAN: 802.11a/b/g
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Enabled
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • Built-In 1.3 MegaPixel Camera
  • Bluetooth VoIP phone
  • Digital TV Tuner
  • Flash Memory Card Reader (MMC, MS, MS-pro, SD, XD)
  • Remote Control Included

Its massive - a 20.1" WXGA display - basically a desktop replacement machine. This means my current Acer 2Ghz Centrino machine can be relegated to being my DJ laptop and I will sell my current HP DV43xx laptop to help pay for it (or pass it on to a friend in need). This still leaves me with 2 other laptops to dispose of (a Compaq Evo and an NC6000) - which I will be selling to fund the purchase of this new one :)

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Wednesday, 27th August 2008
Frightfest 2008

Was totally awesome.

Here are the quick review I posted on Facebook for the ones I saw:

Frightfest Film 1 - Eden Lake. Excellent. Current social commentary mixed with gore, jumps, scares and edge of the seat moments. Great script, excellent young cast incl. Thomas Turgoose from 'This Is England' 8/10

Frightfest Film 2 - I know how many runs you scored last summer. Low budget, bad script, wooden acting mixed in with some gratuitous nudity. Great fun 5/10

Frightfest Film 4 - Time Crimes. Twists within time travel ad infinitum. Gorgeous and gripping. 8/10

Frightfest Film 5 'The Substitutes' was substituted for Spanish 'King Of The Hill'. Looks beautiful, sounds great but didn't really go anywhere 6/10

Frightfest Film 6 - Trailer Park Of Terror. Schlock southern america gore fest. Very samey but entertaining nonetheless 5/10

Frightfest Film 7 - Mum & Dad. Quintessential British horror set at the end of Heathrows runways. Deranged incestuous family come cannibals prey on loners - gory, gritty and fun. 8/10

Frightfest Film 8 - The Strangers. Scares by numbers with several good scenes. Gert plot holes but will do well due to stars and it being a hollywood blockbuster 6/10

Frightfest Film 9 - Freakdog. Better work this time from the director of Schrooms but not great. Tired and formulaic death scenes and the story has been done before and no real improvement this time round 4/10

Frightfest Film 10 - Bad Biology. New film from Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Brain Damage) and what a return after a 16yr break. Gross, funny and brilliantly irreverant. Beware the 24inch steroid pumped, drug addled cock! 9/10

Frightfest Film 19 - Let The Right One In. Gorgeous looking, in depth exploration of a vampire and its new child recruit. Beautifully crafted 8/10

Frightfest Film 20 - The Broken. British horror with Lena Headey (Sarah Connor Chronicles). Well paced but so the twist stood out a mile. Got to see her naked though so an extra point added :) 5/10

Frightfest Film 21 - Autopsy. Looks great, well scripted and fun. Some great scenes and director was nervous but very honest and funny. 7/10

Frightfest Film 22 - Martyrs. Thrilling and visually stunning, this chilling tale of abuse and revenge has plenty of gore and lots of shocks. People have walked out to sick up apparently - we just clapped and Ooh'd in the right places 7/10

Frightfest Film 23 - Jack Brooks Monster Slayer. Jack Brooks is a plumber with a problem - everytime he hears Bobby Darins 'Beyond the sea' he goes mental! But them he puts his anger to good use when his science teacher morphs into a beast. This was awesome - comedy action horror at its best. Sequel is planned, but i think a tv series would be cool. Out on dvd next month 8/10

Frightfest Film 24 - The Dead Outside. Low budget viral apocalypse horror. Great look, grim feel and well acted. Not great though 5/10

Frightfest Film 25 - Short Film Showcase. Ranging from the brilliant to the 'what the fuck?'. Enjoyed all but the turkish entry... Sounds like the eurovision :)

Frightfest Film 26 - The Disappeared. New British talent and brilliantly done. Some jumps, some twists and looked and acted superb. Highly recommended (although i spotted the final twist within 5 mins of that thread starting) 7/10

Frightfest Film 27 - Mirrors. Alexandre Aja returns with a remake of the korean 'in the mirror'. Leaving aside the hammy lines from Jack Bauer, sorry, Keifer Sutherland, its got scares galore, action, genuinely creepy bits and a fantastic ending. 9/10

Frightfest Film 28 - Death Race. Superb remake. Take your brain out and enjoy it. Paul W S Anderson finally comes through with a good film. Nice fight scenes (it has got Jason Statham in the lead so what do you expect) and the driving action scenes are superb. Will want to watch this again 8/10

I missed the whole of the Saturday line-up due to coming back to Weston for Mark and Marks civil partnership. It was great. A lovely day was had by all and I even had to cover the DJ for a while while the Cabaret act (Dr Beverley Ball Crusher) was on. Had a great time and spent a whole load of time with John. Funniest bit - just after the ceremony was finished and they were signing the register I said "Hang on! This is a gay wedding?". Had a couple of rows of people in stitches :D

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